We develop custom made apps and games for our customers.

Game Development Services

Using our expertise we develop custom made games for our customers.

We can help with your ongoing game development as well.


Game development full stack from concept to launch.

Different game types from 3d shooters, vehicle games, endless runners, point and click adventure, etc.

Platforms: PC, macOS, iOS, Android, webGL.

Publish to App Store and Google Play.

Website Development

We develop custom websites for small businesses and more.

We can guide you from buying a domain to developing a website and hosting it.

Presentation websites for small businesses

e-Commerce web sites for your needs

Maintenance and hosting

Marketing and social media consulting

Application Development

We can develop highly interactive applications for private needs inside your company or front facing needs towards clients.

Custom applications for Desktop and Mobile

Highly interactive graphical apps

We can develop customized user interactions using sensors.

We can help you publish your app on the App Store.

Reach out to us to get started